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Advanced Store Capabilities

Customize product pages, improve product discoverability, ad special menus & filtering, and more

Custom Design & Behavior

Create custom animations, rollover effects, and transitions [

Custom Input Forms

Create application forms, review sections, quizzes and more

Custom Site Functionalities

Complete code tasks like navigation, filtering, forms and more

Third Party Services

Connect to external databases, API's, text messages and location based services


Create Advanced Websites

Create Websites with customized visuals and advanced features

Create Classic Websites

Create Classic basic websites with a theme

Migrate Existing Sites

Migrate existing sites to the Wix platform while keeping the look and feel [WEB DESIGN]

Redesign Existing Sites

Change the look and feel of existing sites with new designs, templates or features

Site Review

Review sites and provide guidance on content, design or functionality


Ad Setup

Create ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram that drive traffic to sites

Email & Mailbox

Setting up custom emails and mailboxes for businesses

Email Marketing

Create personalized email campaigns to drive customer engagement

Facebook Pixel

Install Facebook Pixel on sites or online stores

Google Analytics

Connect Google Analytics to track site conversions and customer behavior


Optimize sites to improve their ranking on Google


Back Office Setup

Optimizing website back office by adding business information, location, favicon, socially shareable image, and son

Setting Up Customer Managment System

Creating and organizing Customer Managment system, includingSetting Up Customer Managment System Creating automation, workflow, tasks and reminders

Setting Up Quotes and Invoices

Customizing products and services and creating automation for fast customer management


Brand Development & Inphographics

Analyzing a brand, and creating a unique brand identity, color palette and typefaces, creating Inphographics

Custom Logos

Creating logos for brands and businesses

Visual Content

Creating graphics, inphographics, illustrations, banners, videos and more


Coding Guidance

Provide expert guidance about the code on Wix websites


eCommerce Store Optimization

Create content, features, or campaigns and promotions to drive sales

eCommerce Store Settings

Add features like more products,shipping and payment methods, taxes and more

eCommerce: Store Advanced Capabilities

Add custom product pages, special menus, filtering functionality, and improved discoverability to existing stores

eCommerce Websites/Basic

Set up online stores (up to 20 products) with payment and shipping methods


Site Tutorials

Access to Tutorials and Training Materials


Transferring pre-built Template with DIY Instructions


Writing: Editing Content

Consulting on, editing original written content

Writing: Original Content

Research and writing original content for websites or blogs

Professional Photography

Take photographs such as Headshots, Portraits, Fashion, Modeling, Product Photography and Branding Images


Site Updates

Add pages, make minor adjustments or fix technical issues

Install Apps

Add apps from the App Market such as a Forum, Blog, Events, Bookings, Store and Chat etc

Domain Setup

Connect or attach domains to Wix sites

Custom Email & Mailbox

Setting up custom emails and mailboxes for businesses


Website Guidance

Review sites and provide guidance on content, design or functionality

Payment Transmittal Fees by 3rd Party

Payment Transmittal Fees by 3rd Party Paypal, Cash App, Venmo applicable fees



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